• Easy Seminar is our top bridge line for conference calls and tele-seminars. In addition to large capacity, web-based control panel, high quality recording, this service includes many features the free services don’t have, including hand-raising, local calling numbers, backup host number if the main number goes down, dial out from bridge, web simulcast, web pages for each event (no html knowledge necessary), download page and links for MP3 replay, and much more.. FREE 30 day trial!
  • Skype makes it easy to conduct video chats, VoIP telephone calls from your computer, free international calling, etc. Free Skype-Skype calls and low rates for Skype-Landline calls.
  • Chatter Bug– Unlimited long distance for $9.95 per month.
  • Pingo– best international calling service we’ve found to date.
  • Magic Jack Easy, affordable VoIP solution. $99.00 for 5 years, great international calling rates that also work like a calling card allowing international calls from your landline or cell phone.
  • DimDimfree web conferencing for live presentations, whiteboards and web pages, voice and video over the Internet – with no download required.