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The Million Dollar Private Practice is a masterpiece and provides an opportunity for every helping professional to succeed that has ever struggled in building their business. This book includes important information that is often missing in other books of this kind. Many of us have struggled in our endeavors to reach our prospective clients because we are not Branding experts or MBA’s; we are practitioners who want to help people. A must-read for those who want to know exactly how to build a Million Dollar Practice or understand the process. I give this book five stars, it deserves to be amongst the best of the best.”

— Gary B. Henson, President and Founder,

“If you want to go beyond seeing clients 1:1 to reach more people and make more money, The Million Dollar Private Practice will show you how and give you the exact steps to make it easy for you.”

— Max Simon, CEO & Founder of Big Vision Business

“Brilliant and inspiring, The Million Dollar Private Practice unleashes all private practice professionals from the chains of undervaluing their services so they can be set free to creatively attract new clients and build their business. David Steele leaves little doubt that through application of his time-tested strategies, you really can build a successful and lucrative business that addresses the needs and problems of this world and gives people hope. Make room on your shelf for this book. Make room in your heart for its subject.”

— Rev. Scott Simpson, Pastor and Relationship Coach, The Love Plan

“The Million Dollar Private Practice offers a brilliant combination of heartfelt wisdom and practical strategies to create a successful business doing what you love and making a difference in the lives of others.”

— Christine Kloser, Spiritual Guide ~ Award-Winning Author ~ Transformational Book Coach

The Million Dollar Private Practice is a must-read for anyone wanting more clients, a higher income, and to make a bigger impact on the world. Both new and seasoned professionals will discover new ideas for taking their business to the next level.”

— Christian Mickelsen,

“The Million Dollar Private Practice is powerful, inspiring and offers practical and usable information page after page. Traditional business plans and marketing strategies don’t work for helping professionals. In this groundbreaking book, David provides that essential reason d’être and the “how” that will drive and support private practice professionals to help many people, make big money and change the world in the process! This book belongs in the personal resource library of every serious helping professional.”

– Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC; Internationally Recognized Relationship Expert, Educator, Author and Coach

“Your expertise can make you a million dollars and David Steele shows you how! The Million Dollar Private Practice is a must-read for every practitioner – this is the education you did NOT get in school!”

–Brandy Mychals, author of How to Read a Client From Across the Room and creator of the Character Code System

“Many coaches and therapists struggle because they don’t have a clear path to success. With this amazing book, David Steele shows what the path to a million dollar practice looks like, and teaches step by step instructions for how you can create one too.”

— Brian Whetten,

“One of the biggest missing elements in graduate school for helping professionals is business training. How can therapists create a successful practice without some fundamental business training? David delivers what every clinician needs to know in The Million Dollar Private Practice and lays out the blueprint for creating a business that both helps people and makes money. Bravo David for giving us the advice that we truly need to change the landscape once and for all!”

–- Melanie Gorman, MA, Private Practice Business Coach & SVP YourTango Expert,

The Million Dollar Private Practice is a must-get for every entrepreneurial-minded practitioner who wants to earn a big income and make an even bigger impact. In this engaging and inspiring guide, David Steele gives you a proven road map for taking your private practice to the next level of prosperity, enjoyment and fulfillment. It’s your time. Get this book today!”

— Michelle Schubnel, President, Coach and Grow R.I.C.H.,

“David Steele delivers a power packed business building tool kit for helping professionals! By following the principles clearly laid out in The Million Dollar Private Practice, you will make the best investments to achieve your business goals, saving you valuable dollars and time in the process. The tools in this book apply whether you are on track for a 50, 100, or 1M business. You will be well on your way to using your credibility and expertise to build a business that makes a difference for many lives that are waiting to be touched by you. An added bonus that I truly appreciate is that David has applied everything he shows you in his book in his own business with continued success.”

— Darshana Hawks, Ph.D.,, author of Stop Being Single Now

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Order from (Kindle version now available)