Speaking Biz

How to Make Six Figures as an Expert Who Speaks

A free audio program with Burt Dubin exclusively for David Steele’s Million Dollar Practice Network.

PROGRAM #1:How to Make It Big in the Speaking Business

  • How to get started
  • The Three P's- Packaging, Positioning, Promotion
  • Seven essential tools of the speaking business (and you already have them!)
  • Four things you need to know to sell yourself to success (and you already know them!)

PROGRAM #2: Presentation Magic: How to Shine on the Plaform

  • How to create a WOW! audience experience
  • How to speak with a powerful voice
  • How to deliver value every minute
  • Why to reveal your warts and flaws
  • Seven actions to complete in your first 3 minutes
  • How to use humor and where to get funny stories
  • How to close your program

PROGRAM #3: How to Get Paid as a Professional Speaker

  • How to identify the organizations that are waiting to hire you
  • How to get yourself booked at the fees you are really worth
  • The Triple Play method that many of Burt's clients use to book an average of $4000.00 in new bookings each week

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