Private Practice Satisfaction Survey

Is your practice growing? We invite you to take this survey covering 15 key areas of a
successful and fulfilling practice that will help you identify areas of strength and those
needing your attention for improvement.

Private Practice Satisfaction Survey


1 of 15: I am doing exactly the work that I want to do in my practice.

2 of 15: I am excited about the vision I have for the future of my practice.

3 of 15: I look forward to working with every one of my clients.

4 of 15: I have plenty of energy overall in my life.

5 of 15: I am satisfied with my retirement planning.

6 of 15: My referral resources provide enough clients that I want to work with.

7 of 15: People know who I am and what I do in my community.

8 of 15: I have an organized, clear service delivery system

9 of 15: My marketing is fun and fruitful.

10 of 15: I am satisfied with my health insurance.

11 of 15: I have a solid business plan, know exactly where I am going in my practice, and how to get there.

12 of 15: I am satisfied with my income level and revenue streams.

13 of 15: I have a professional support system that helps me grow and expand my practice.

14 of 15: I get good feedback about my practice from my clients and colleagues.

15 of 15: I am satisfied with the balance of services, programs, and products that I offer in my practice.

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